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Sex advice for older adults

Written by Diane Archer

You rarely see a story on sex advice for older adults in the media. For some bizarre reason, it appears that most people do not think older adults are interested in sex. But, of course, older adults are actively involved sexually and enjoy sex. And, older people can offer wisdom when it comes to sex.

This Atlantic video focuses on sex advice from older women. Women interviewed say that, when it comes to relationships, they are more comfortable with themselves, more sure of themselves, more able to accept themselves. When you’re younger, you may be more frightened about a relationship.  One woman talks about being “less afraid of being rejected for asking for what you want.” Another woman sees communication as the key to intimacy.

You can watch the video here. For information from Just Care on STDs and safe sex in later life, click here. For more information on sexuality in later life from the National Institute on Aging, click here.


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