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Smart tattoos with biosensitive ink

Written by Diane Archer

A story in the Harvard Gazette reports that researchers at Harvard and MIT have come up with a new health technology, a wireless smart tattoo that measures dehydration and blood sugar. Tattoo colors change to reflect a change in condition.

The smart tatttoo is made with special ink that goes from green to brown when there is a rise in a person’s glucose concentration and from one shade of green to a more intense shade when there’s a rise in a person’s sodium concentration. The ink’s color depends upon changes in a person’s intestinal fluids.

These smart tattoos are a big advance from other wearable devices because they integrate seamlessly with the body. The tattoo’s biosensitive ink serves as a biosensor in the skin. There’s no need for a battery or wireless technology. If you’re interested in learning more about other skin tattoos, check out this Just Care post here.


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