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Three things to think about when getting mental health care if you have Medicare

Written by Diane Archer

If you or someone you love needs mental health care, you should be aware that in many situations, Medicare covers mental health care.

  1. What kind of care do you need: Medicare covers a wide range of mental health services, including group therapy, family counseling and substance abuse counseling.  Medicare also covers annual screenings for depression.
  2. Who provides your care: Medicare covers care from many different mental health providers, including nurse practitioners, clinical social workers, nurse specialists and psychologists, and physicians’ assistants, as well as from psychiatrists.
  3. When Medicare pays:  Unless you receive care from a medical doctor, Medicare will pay for 80 percent of your care only if your mental health care provider is Medicare-certified and takes assignment (accepts Medicare’s approved rate as payment in full).  If you’re in a Medicare HMO, you must see a network provider and you likely will have a copay.
For more information from the Medicare Rights Center, click here.

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