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When will we begin 3D printing human organs?

Written by Diane Archer

With 18 Americans dying each day waiting for an organ transplant, there’s a clear need for more organs. Some people with a long wait travel to states, like Louisiana, which do not have motorcycle helmet laws; they have more organs available for transplant, and shorter waits. But, imagine if scientists could simply print up the organ you or someone you love needs?

Apparently, in as short a period as a decade, scientists could be 3D printing kidneys and livers. Already, they are printing strips of organ tissue. They harvest human cells and grow them in a petri dish.

Time will tell where we go with 3D printing of human organs and what it will cost to get one of these organs if you need one. In the meantime, we should consider revising the National Organ Transplant Act, which keeps many of us from being able to donate our organs to the people we love.


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