Our Vision

Providing helpful and trustworthy health advice for boomers, older adults and care providers and making it fun and easy to understand.

Where does our information come from?

Just Care gathers reliable information and interesting data from trusted experts, consumer organizations and government agencies that focus on health and financial issues facing boomers and their parents. Good reliable information is scattered over the Internet and hard to find amidst all the misinformation.  Just Care puts it all in one place.

How is this information different from what people can find online currently?

There’s some very good health and retirement advice and research scattered across the web.  There’s also a lot of complicated, commercial, unhelpful and misleading information. We find the good information and make it understandable for the millions of people who want and need it. Just Care is independent and consumer-focused—we serve as a hub for accurate, accessible, and trustworthy information.

What are our goals with this site?

We want to educate, engage and empower people seeking to navigate our health care system; we’re pretty much just about care.  We want to help people make sense of health and financial issues of greatest concern to boomers and older adults, so they just care about their care. We want to demonstrate the ways in which our health care system could be more just. We want to promote the good policy and consumer groups addressing these issues. Over time, we want to create an online community of people who can help build a better health care system.

Who is our audience?

Boomers, their families, older adults and caregivers, along with professionals looking for good consumer-friendly information.

How are we funded?

Just Care operates almost exclusively on volunteer power and has no funding. We are a start-up and our search for funding is underway. Diane Archer has been helping people navigate Medicare and retirement issues for more than 25 years. Just Care is her latest venture, which she is volunteering her time to build and test. Diane is creating Just Care in order to share helpful consumer-friendly information and to promote the organizations doing the best work. She has enlisted several part-time volunteers to help curate the website and draft the weekly Just Care Feeds, and she is paying out of pocket for the limited technical support currently needed. Diane is developing a plan to make the site self-sustaining, recognizing that it will cost more to manage over time. She will be exploring several funding options.

Where do we get our images?

Our pictures either come from the sources of our articles or from free domain photos that our team locates. They are all credited under the pictures and if you click the picture, it links to the source. You can read the Creative Commons licensing agreement here.

Where can you find us on social media?

Share Just Care’s recent social media posts on Facebook and Twitter with your own social circle. Help spread the word on your health and financial security from the most trusted source, Just Care!

How can I contact you?

You can reach us at [email protected] Thanks so much for your interest!