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A skin tattoo that measures the glucose level of diabetics

Written by Diane Archer
You might have read about Google’s technology that will allow contact lenses to measure the glucose level of diabeticsResearchers at the University of California, San Diego, have developed a new technology that uses a skin tattoo to measure the glucose level of diabetics. Engineers are developing a monitor that will enable patients to see a read-out of their glucose levels.For now, patients wearing the tattoo are still not able to know their glucose levels. Over time, they will.  And, through Bluetooth technology, glucose levels will be able to be sent to the patients’ doctors and to be stored in the cloud.
The current tattoo only lasts for a day.  But, it only costs a few cents.  And, researchers believe they can develop a tattoo that last far longer than a day and that can be used to detect other metabolites in the body, such as lactate, or to dispense drugs through the skin.If you’re into health tattoos, there’s another tattoo product in development that will measure your health wirelessly.  Check it out!

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