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Carmen Herrera thrives as painter in her 100’s

Written by Diane Archer

At 101, the artist Carmen Herrera had a solo show of her early work at the Whitney Museum of American Art. She also had a solo art debut at the Lisson Gallery in NYC. At 102, The New York Times reports that Bronx school students were painting a mural she designed. Herrera is thriving as a painter in her 100’s.

The mural that students were set to  paint on June 3, in partnership with Publicolor, is based on one of Herrera’s works from 1952, Untitled, now part of the Museum of Modern Art’s collection.

Ms. Herrera is a Cuban-born painter, who has lived in New York for more than 60 years. Until the late 1990’s, when the Museo del Barrio exhibited her work, few had seen her art. She sold her first artwork at the age of 89! asked Herrera what drives her. Herrera’s response: ‘It’s a passion. Every morning, I get up, I have breakfast, I go to the table and I begin drawing.”

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