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Vitamin E supplements: Should you take them?

One question I bet you have because it’s one my patients ask me over and over again is which vitamin supplements you should be taking.  For example, should you take Vitamin E supplements? Before I can answer, I want to know what you’re eating because what you eat matters. If you are eating a balanced diet, there should be no need to take vitamin supplements.

Today, I’ll talk about Vitamin E supplements. People mistakenly think that Vitamin E prevents certain cancers.  But, if you look at the studies relating to colorectal cancer, they show that Vitamin E does nothing to prevent colorectal cancer. Some people also mistakenly think that Vitamin E helps protect against Alzheimer’s.  But three different studies show that taking it has little or no benefit for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or people with mild memory loss.

What is also true is that the Vitamin E supplements, along with other vitamin supplements in high concentrations, carry risks. There is no evidence to suggest that taking too much Vitamin E from food is harmful to your health. If you are taking anticoagulants, talk to your doctor about Vitamin E supplements. They have been shown to interact with anticoagulants, which could lead to bleeding risks.

In short, if your diet is balanced, you are probably getting enough Vitamin E.  Eating nuts, leafy greens, and any fortified foods Vitamin E can easily let you meet your daily recommended value of Vitamin E.  If you’re on a low-fat diet, be sure to eat leafy greens, since many low-fat diets may not provide you with enough Vitamin E.

Don’t take a vitamin supplement without speaking with your doctor about it. A dietary change could help you avoid spending the extra money on supplements and the potential risks associated with them.

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