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Spying on cancer

Written by Suzanne Robotti

What if a new technology could detect aggressive cancer cells, effectively spying on cancer? Researchers think it could improve the chances of treating these cancers.

Some cancers are aggressive and fast-growing, requiring equally aggressive treatment. Most cancer deaths are caused by cancer that’s metastasized, or spread from the original location to enter the bloodstream and pop up in other, cancer friendly locations. Others are what H. Gilbert Welch calls “turtles”: slow moving and maybe not needing painful and debilitating treatment right away.

We are on the cusp of being able to “spy” on cancer cells and actually see how they break off from a tumor and enter the bloodstream. And, that’s great news for people with aggressive cancers. Here is a video released by the NCI (National Cancer Institute) that shows, in live time, breast cancer cells breaking from the tumor and entering the bloodstream.

This article was originally posted on Medshadow.org. To read the rest of this article, visit the Medshadow Foundation.

To read about high-tech goggles that allow people to see cancer cells, click here.



  • Oh there are a lot of things that could someday bring cancer to an end. I think they are finally making some progress. I think that is because there is new blood going into the study of this. There has been a lot of people rideing on a gravy train in this fight. With the hundreds of billions of dollars pouring into this. Some don’t want it to stop.

  • Oh, there are plenty of doctors and treatments that can end cancer. However, the cancer industry, like Russell Nelson said, is making too much money to stop their barbaric and mostly unsuccessful “treatments.” One can learn about this from the doctors interviewed in The Truth About Cancer series. Also the ChrisBeatCancer site is super helpful. Sugar is food for cancer cells. Cancer STEM CELLS must be killed, not just the tumors and growths. This is why cancer returns. Why are they continuing to use chemo that is 20-60 years old that doesn’t work? Why do cancer doctors get a cut of the profits from the chemo drugs they prescribe? Why do they push persons freshly diagnosed into cancer treatments without giving them a chance to think and research? The cancer usually took about 20 years to grow, so the rush is rarely necessary. Honestly, it mostly the cancer treatments that kill the person…check the statistics.

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