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The U.S. ranks behind Iceland and many other countries in how well it serves older adults

Written by Diane Archer
A new 2014 Global Age Watch report ranks Norway as the country that best serves its older population.  The report is based on data from 96 countries on pensions, health, employment and education, and social environment.  The United States ranks eighth overall, behind Iceland and the Netherlands and ahead of Denmark and Japan. And, even that ranking is deceptive, according to the Economic Policy Institute.

Of note, the United States ranks 25rd on health status, well behind Japan, which ranks first. Costa Rica, Colombia and Cyprus also do better on health status than the United States, ranking 15th,18th and 24th, respectively.  Health status rankings are based on life expectancy at age 60 and healthy life expectancy at age 60.

And, on income security, the United States ranks 22nd, behind Slovakia and South Africa. Norway ranks first on income security, with France in second place and Iceland in third place.  Half of the world’s population does not receive even a basic pension in old age.In case you’re curious, Afghanistan is the worst country to be old in.  Check out the data for yourself, here.

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