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45 states receive failing grades on health care price transparency

Written by Diane Archer

At the same time that many people are arguing that people need to take greater responsibility for their health care choices, states are failing to ensure that people can even know the prices of the care they are getting.  A new report by the Catalyst for Payment Reform and the Health Care Incentives Institute reveals that 45 states received an F on health care price transparency.

Twenty nine states received an F last year and sixteen more received an F this year, including Massachusetts. It fell from an A last year to an F because it took the responsibility for price transparency away from the government and imposed it on health plans.

Five states got passing grades, but only one got an A.  New Hampshire went from an F last year to an A this year.  You can now find out prices on the web site, NH HealthCost.  Colorado and Maine got Bs. And, Virginia and Vermont both got Cs.

New York and Connecticut have web sites in the works that will provide people with price information.  And, Maryland and Washington are working on a plan to provide their residents with price information.


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