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91-year old gymnast competes in Berlin

Written by Diane Archer

Some people are never too old to do handstands on the parallel bars and other knock-your-socks off gymnastics feats. Watch Johanna Quaas, a 91-year old gymnast, perform at a competition in Berlin. And, even if you are not feeling up to competing–how many of us ever do–try to find a way to exercise.

Take a bike ride, a trip up and down stairs, or a long walk. Exercise is good for your heart and your health! One study found that exercise is good for memory and attention, another that it reduces the likelihood of disability in older adults, another that it  helps people with Alzheimer’s, and yet another that exercise reduces the likelihood of stroke. 

If possible, find a health care buddy to exercise with you. Believe it or not, a buddy brings additional health benefits.

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