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Americans more likely to go without needed care and to struggle to pay for care than people in other wealthy nations

Written by Diane Archer

More than one in three adult Americans (37 percent) surveyed by the Commonwealth Fund in 2013 report skipping care because of the cost. And, more than four in ten Americans (41 percent)—a greater percentage than in any of the other ten countries surveyed–reported spending at least $1,000 out-of-pocket for their care. Almost one in four of them (23 percent) could not afford to pay their medical bills or struggled to pay for care.

Time will tell to what extent these percentages drop as a result of the Affordable Care Act.  For sure, health care remains prohibitively expensive in the U.S. even for those with insurance.



  • Yes, it hurts when you are unexpected placed on Disability and you have Medical bills in the $1.000.00’s, more than one.
    Now how are we going to pay more???

    • “Why did Obama stop at 50%? Why not eliminate the eintre payroll tax permanently? What the Hell is he worried about?”He’s worried about Tea Party nuts and political plays by some GOP members.Also remember this: if this fails to accomplish expectations, it will be used politically to attack “keynesian economics”.Hopefully, the difference with Europe austerian policies will be enough to draw conclusions, and that will set us straight in Europe too after pain and recession, without Trichet, Merkel and other stupid polocy makers around.

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