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Candidates’ position on health care costs could sway 2018 voters

Written by Diane Archer

A candidate’s position on health care costs could sway 2018 voters. A new Kaiser Family Foundation poll shows that voters care most about a candidate’s position on President Donald Trump. After that, health care costs, including prescription drug costs, matter a lot.

The midterm elections will be a referendum on the President. Three in ten voters, Republicans (33 percent) and Democrats (30 percent) say a candidate’s position on President Trump will sway them most. And, more than four out of five Democratic voters (45 percent) are more interested in voting in the mid-term election than in prior years. Many of them say they want change. Republicans are less interested in voting (30 percent) than Democrats but say they will vote to show their support for President Trump.

The vast majority of Americans believe the cost of prescription drugs is too high and that pharmaceutical companies have too much power. Not surprisingly, two out of three Republicans (66 percent), nearly eight out of ten Democrats (78 percent) and more than seven in ten Independents (72 percent) say that they are more likely to support candidates who call for lowering the price of prescription drugs.

The three top policy issues for voters are the economy and jobs (23 percent), health care (22 percent) and gun policy (22 percent.)

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