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Exercise! You can help your spouse

Written by Diane Archer

There are seemingly endless reasons to exercise. Exercise can help with balance. Exercise can lower your risk of stroke, heart disease and diabetes. Exercise can even help you recover faster in hospital. The latest research from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health reveals that when you exercise you can help your spouse. Yes, that’s right. If you increase the amount that you engage in physical activity, your spouse is more likely to do so as well.

The research further suggests that if you’re hoping to help someone to exercise, you probably should discuss it with both the person and the person’s partner or friend. Apparently, counseling a couple to exercise is more likely to get them to exercise than counseling one of them alone.

Exercise is really important for wellbeing. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends at least two and a half hours a week of moderate activity such as brief walking—20 minutes a day. The health benefits are significant for people of all ages, races and ethnicities and the risks are small by comparison. If older adults cannot engage in that much exercise because of a chronic condition, they should still exercise as much as possible.

Too many Americans do not get anywhere near enough physical activity. You will be doing both yourself and your spouse a favor if you exercise as much as possible.


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