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Government drug price negotiation is top policy issue for a strong majority of Democrats and Republicans

Written by Diane Archer

A new poll of likely voters shows that allowing government drug price negotiation ranks as the top policy issue for Americans.  A Medicare buy-in for all ranks eighth and expanding Social Security benefits ranks 13th.  Based on poll results, economic security issues are of paramount concern to Americans.

More than three quarters of likely voters, 79 percent, support government negotiation of drug prices.  Almost 90 percent of Democrats (89 percent) support government drug price negotiation and more than three-quarters of Republicans (76 percent). Of note, the question posed concerned lower drug prices for people with Medicare and Medicaid and not everyone in the country.  Every other wealthy nation negotiates drug prices for all its residents.

Seven out of ten likely voters (71 percent) support giving all Americans the choice of buying into Medicare as a way to drive competition in the health insurance marketplace. More than three quarters of Democrats (77 percent) support this policy, along with a healthy majority of Republicans (63 percent).

Seven out of ten likely voters (70 percent) also support expanding Social Security by having wealthy Americans pay Social Security contributions throughout the year, like everyone else.  Eighty-five percent of Democrats support this policy, as do a 62 percent of Republicans.


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