Medicare Your Coverage Options

Have you signed up for MyMedicare?

Written by Diane Archer

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) offers a website,, that provides personalized information about your Medicare benefits and more. Have you signed up for

Once you register online with, you can view your Parts A and B claim status. You can also view information about eligibility and enrollment in Medicare Part D drug plans. You can get a new Medicare card or another copy of a Medicare Summary Notice. You can see or change your prescription drug list and pharmacy information. You can also have a WebChat with a representative at Medicare. offers a Blue Button that allows you to download and share some or all of your personal health information. You can see the past 15 months of claims history from Medicare Parts A, B and D. Note: If you have recently enrolled in Medicare and you haven’t had any claims processed yet, you may have trouble registering. According to the site, the Blue Button is “safe, secure, reliable, and easy to use.”

The Blue Button lets you store all your Medicare-covered health information on your computer. You can then print the information and share it with your physicians and trusted family or friends. You can also link your information to other trusted services, such as computer programs.

The Blue Button allows you to manage your health care needs. With the Blue Button, you can keep track of tests and services you need and get reminders as to when you need a doctor’s appointment.

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