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Medicare for all important to majority of 2018 voters

Written by Diane Archer

A new Kaiser Family Foundation poll reveals that Medicare for all and lower drug prices are important to the majority of 2018 voters. Indeed, a strong majority of Republicans as well as Democrats and Independents support a single government health insurance plan, if people can keep the coverage they have as an alternative.

Three out of four Americans, including 64 percent of Republicans, support Medicare for All, so long as retaining their current coverage remains an option. And, nearly six in ten Americans (59 percent) support Medicare for All as their only option. For the upcoming 2018 election, seven out of ten Americans ranked candidates’ support for Medicare for all as important in shaping their vote and 7 percent of Americans said it was critical. Fewer than one in four Americans (22 percent) said it was unimportant to them.

On the prescription drug front, four out of five Americans (80 percent) agree that drug prices are unreasonable. A large majority of Democrats and Republicans (72 percent) further agree that drug companies have too much influence on government policy for anything to be done about lowering drug prices. Three out of four Americans fault both Democrats and Republicans in Congress for failing to take appropriate action on this issue.

If you support Medicare for all, please let Congress know. Sign this petition.


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