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Mindful meditation could prolong your life without exercise

Written by Diane Archer

Meditation could prolong your life without exercise.  A study by Nobel Prize winning researcher Elizabeth Blackburn and others show that some forms of meditation might slow down the cellular aging process. Blackburn and colleagues won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2009 for their work on telomeres, which sit at the ends of our chromosomes.  Stress exposure and depression can shrink telomere length, which promotes physical aging.

Blackburn’s more recent work shows that mindful meditation transforms stressful experiences into challenging ones and positive states of mind. As a result, we create more of the enzyme telemarese, which keeps our telomeres from shrinking and possibly prolongs our lives.



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  • I’m with Wally. I’ve been trying to find a description or instruction on Mindfulness Meditation for years. I even looked on Amazon to see if there was a book on it but all I found was a lot of doublespeak. This link, for example, takes you to an HHS document that tries to explain mindfulness meditation by calling it mindfulness meditation. Not helpful at all.

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