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Pneumonia vaccine: Medicare covers it

Written by Diane Archer

You should do what you can to avoid getting pneumonia, especially if you’re older. Pneumonia is a lung infection that can cause fever and chills;  it can make it hard to breathe, and it can be life-threatening. One way to avoid getting pneumonia is by getting a vaccine. Fortunately, Medicare covers the pneumonia vaccine without a deductible or coinsurance.

  • If you are enrolled in traditional Medicare, your costs are fully covered through Medicare Part B, so long as you use a doctor who takes assignment, accepts Medicare’s payment as payment in full.
  • If you are enrolled in a Medicare HMO, PPO or other Medicare Advantage plan, the plan should cover the full cost so long as you use an in-network doctor.

Talk to your primary care doctor about getting the pneumonia vaccine. You should also discuss the flu shot, another important vaccine.  Medicare covers the flu shot, along with most of the preventive care you need. 

Here are more ways to keep yourself and the people you love safe and healthy.


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