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Smart pills win FDA approval to promote medication compliance

Written by Diane Archer

It is projected that only about half of people today take the medications that they are prescribed. Some people simply can’t afford to comply. But others get confused. The FDA has just approved new technology designed to promote medication compliance. The technology¬†can track which pills you’re taking and whether you’re taking them at the right time.

It is not yet clear when this new medication compliance device will go to market. When it does, however, it can let your doctors and health care buddies know whether you are taking the right drugs at the right time.

Here’s how it works. Very small sensors that you can swallow will attach to your pills., a patch you wear with blue tooth technology will then track each pill you take on your smartphone app. You can then share that information with whomever you desire.


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  • The day these “smart” pills hit the market is the day I will quit taking ALL my medications. Have they studied the ramifications of swallowing tiny sensors yet or do they even give a damn?

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