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Social Security benefits us all

Social Security is our nation’s premiere social insurance program promoting security for roughly 60 million workers, their families and their children. At a time of escalating inequality, wage stagnation and declining retirement savings, is a new interactive online tool that illustrates the financial impact of Social Security benefits on everyone. It shows how Social Security benefits us all.

The impact of Social Security benefits goes way beyond individual recipients because 39 million retirees, 9 million people with disabilities, 6.7 million widows, widowers and spouses and 4.4 million children spend their benefit dollars on goods and services. This generates additional economic activity and stimulates the economy in every state.

Across the country this multiplier effect contributes $1.6 trillion dollars to our economy, providing financial security and strengthening every community. Crucial information categorized by state, county, congressional district, age, race/ethnicity, and gender is easily accessible on Social Security Spotlight

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