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Three things to know about cardiac care

Written by Diane Archer
More than 2 million people in America experience a heart attack or heart failure each year. Often they need cardiac care, specifically rehab services.  Here’s what you should know:
  1. Coverage: Medicare will cover most of the cost of your cardiac rehab care if you meet the qualifying criteria, which differs depending upon whether you receive the care as an outpatient or as an inpatient, after a hospitalization. The amount of care you receive will depend upon your condition.
  2. Access: Your doctor is responsible for prescribing the services you need and should be able to help you decide where to receive them. If you qualify for cardiac care in a Medicare-certified facility, make sure that the facility has a good cardiac rehab program.
  3. Cost: If you have traditional Medicare and supplemental insurance that fills gaps in coverage, your cardiac care costs should be covered once you’ve met the deductible.  If you are in a Medicare HMO or other private plan, you are likely to have a copay.  You should ask about it.

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