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Trump abandons plan to lower drug prices for people with Medicare

Written by Diane Archer

President Trump has abandoned his latest plan to lower prescription drug costs for people with Medicare. And, knowing that the cost of prescription drugs is a top policy issue for Americans, Democrats are speaking out.

Trump had said he wanted to make sure that prescription drug discounts secured by Pharmacy Benefit Managers–the middlemen who negotiate with pharmaceutical companies for lower prices on behalf of health insurers–are passed along to people with Medicare.

Several presidential candidates have plans to lower prescription drug prices for people with Medicare, including Kirsten Gillibrand and Amy Klobuchar. Many plans seek to allow the government to negotiate Medicare drug prices. Of course, the issue with these proposals is that they may drive up prices for everyone else. And, even if they do not, that’s what the pharmaceutical industry will claim.

Some proposals seek to allow people to import drugs from abroad. Millions of Americans already do so. That should not be illegal. PharmacyChecker.com verifies pharmacies abroad from which people can buy their drugs. And, although it is still illegal to import drugs from abroad, the FDA has never prosecuted anyone for importing drugs for personal use.

Of course, importation is a band-aid solution, and we need to lower drug prices for everyone in this country, not simply people with Medicare. A recent Kaiser report reveals that one in 50 people with Medicare are spending more than $3,200 a year out-of-pocket on their prescription drugs, way more than many of them can afford. People with job-based coverage are also forced to spend thousands of dollars on their medicines or go without them.

The simplest solution is international reference pricing, which would ensure that Americans do not pay more than people in other wealthy countries for our drugs. Senator Sanders has proposed international reference pricing as has Congressman Ro Khanna.

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  • …this doesn’t surprise me at all as I really believe it was just another empty promise of his. Like when he said “I’m not going to cut Social Security like every other Republican and I’m not going to cut Medicare or Medicaid.” then decided to do the opposite in his 2020 budget to pay for the “tax gifts” to the wealthy and corporations (following what former House Speaker, Paul Ryan wanted to do).

    Promises mean nothing when they are not upheld. All Mr. Trump used them for was to get votes and I sincerely believe he really had no intention of ever following through. He and his cesspool administration along with his Republican enablers in the House and Senate need to be kicked out come November 2020.

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