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Trump’s Budget Director prepared to gut Social Security

Written by Diane Archer

President Trump’s Budget Director is not standing behind President Trump’s repeated campaign promise to protect Social Security. This is no surprise. Trump chose Mick Mulvaney as  director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), notwithstanding Mulvaney’s historic commitment to gutting Social Security and Medicare.

Vox reports that at Mulvaney’s Senate confirmation hearing, instead of supporting President Trump’s promise to not touch Social Security, Mulvaney spoke about his belief in the need to cut Social Security. In response to a question about the sharp contrast between his position and the President’s claimed position, Mulvaney said: “The only thing I know to do is to tell the president the truth.”

To be clear, Mulvaney’s view of the “truth,” would be deemed by many to be far from the truth. Just as we have the ability to fund the Pentagon and to support deep tax cuts for the wealthy if we so choose, we have the ability to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans and use that money to shore up Medicare and Social Security for all Americans.

Mulvaney wants to raise the age of Social Security eligibility, leaving people in their early sixties who are unable to find gainful employment with little if any retirement security.

If you believe that we need to expand Social Security, please sign this petition.

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  • …meanwhile the government is doing nothing to attack ageism in the workplace and hiring, which has become a serious matter since the recession. I opted for early retirement because after nearly three years, the best I could find is a CS position with a telecomm company which paid crap wages and forced you to upsell services and products to people who couldn’t afford them. It also required developing and memorising three very cryptic passwords that had to be changed every two months, something for people like myself who are prone to dyslexia and short term memory issues just doesn’t work.

    While looking for work I would get calls and emails saying how fantastic my experience and background were, and how excited they were to meet me. When I would walk in that all changed as I could see in the interviewer’s face and body language, “oh, and ‘old person'”. Suddenly all the excitement they exuded in their contact call or email disappeared and the interview would often become very mechanical after which there was a handshake and the patent “we’ll call you” line. When I would call back in a couple days to check on the progress, they would tell me the position was already filled. Not even a form email thanking me for applying and saying they had hired someone else.

    The sad part of this is as we move more and more to a tech based workplace ageism will only get worse. Some tech companies consider you over the hill at 40 or even 35. Coupled with the rise of “at will” and contract employment along with some states that have “right to work” laws. it will only become worse as these all disempower the worker/candidate and give the upper hand to the employer.

  • One of the things Gov’t. Could but is unwilling to do is do away with Pensions for Gov’t workers as many businesses have done. This is Tax money in the Pensions. Another way for them to save money is to quit paying for employees extras over the Pay. I checked and the Gov’t. Bill is 1/4 as high as all on Soc. Sec. How is it that they feel they deserve such an exorbitant amount while they think we who paid into the SSA & Medicare for at least 40-45 years. They came into the Gov’t workforce without equity in that system. Our lives have a term limit on it. Give all WH workers Term Limits and they may change how they run the Gov’t.

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