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Your Medigap options in 2020

Written by Diane Archer

As of 2020, if you are enrolled in traditional Medicare and need to buy Medicare supplemental insurance (Medigap), you have new Medigap options. If you are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan and you think you might want to switch to traditional Medicare down the road, find out about your rights to buy Medigap insurance. Your rights are limited.

Medigap options now include plans D and G, which offer the most comprehensive coverage that fills gaps in traditional Medicare. However, neither plans D or G cover the Part B deductible. You no longer can buy Medigap plans C or F, which had offered the most comprehensive coverage. If you already have plan C or plan F, you can keep it.

If you would prefer to spend less on Medigap, Medigap plan A will cap your out-of-pocket costs and ensure your medical and hospital care is covered in full, so long as you see Medicare participating providers. You will be responsible only for the Part A and B deductibles. Medigap plan B covers the Part A deductible.

You can switch to traditional Medicare each year during the Fall Open Enrollment Period, between January and March during the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period, if your Medicare Advantage plan is terminated, and if you move. However, your federal right to buy Medigap insurance is limited. Your state might offer you additional rights. For information on your Medigap rights from Just Care, click here.

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