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New survey finds that health reform is helping millions of Americans get needed care

Written by Diane Archer

Health reform is helping millions of Americans. As a result of health care reform, 15 percent of Americans lack health insurance today, down from 20 percent a year ago, according to a new survey by The Commonwealth Fund. Almost six million more young adults between 19 and 34 have insurance.  And, all in, nine and a half million more adults are now insured.

Consumer satisfaction with their new health insurance coverage is also relatively high, with 78 percent either somewhat or very satisfied with their coverage.  Of those who are somewhat satisfied or very satisfied, 74 percent are Republicans and 85 percent are Democrats.  And, six out of ten people with new coverage have used it already to see a doctor or fill a prescription.

Close to six out of ten people with new coverage (58 percent) say they are better off with their coverage than they were before.  And, 27 percent report no effect in their situation.  Only nine percent say they are worse off.

Uninsurance varies by race and ethnicity.  Since last year, the percentage of uninsured White Americans dropped from 16 to 12 percent.  The percentage of uninsured Latinos dropped from 36 to 23 percent.  The percentage of uninsured African Americans dropped from 21 to 20 percent.


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