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Anxiety about health and finances growing

Written by Diane Archer

If you’re feeling anxious about your health and finances, you are not alone. The American Psychiatric Association (APA) just released a poll revealing that Americans are especially anxious about their health and safety. Americans are also extremely anxious about their ability to pay their bills. Overall, anxiety is on the rise, particularly among baby boomers, pre-retirees and retirees.

More than one thousand adults from across the country participated in the APA poll this past March. Megan Brooks reports for Medscape that they rated their anxiety in these five areas: health, safety, finances, relationships, and politics. Anxiety levels overall are five points higher than last year. Anxiety levels for baby boomers are up seven points from last year, more than any other group. Millenials have the highest anxiety levels of any group. And, the biggest area of anxiety overall is in the area of paying bills.

The APA president, Anita Everett, MD said: “This poll shows US adults are increasingly anxious, particularly about health, safety, and finances. That increased stress and anxiety can significantly impact many aspects of people’s lives, including their mental health, and it can affect families. . . .  It highlights the need to help reduce the effects of stress with regular exercise, relaxation, healthy eating, and time with friends and family.”

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