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Long-term care is unaffordable for middle-income families

Written by Diane Archer

Where you live matters, for all kinds of reasons, including because it affects the long-term services and supports that may be available to you and the people you love. The big headline, though, is that long-term care is too often unaffordable for middle-income families no matter what state you live in.

As more and more boomers begin to need long-term services and supports, new policy solutions become critical. Today, Medicaid provides the only real safety net for older adults, people with disabilities and caregivers.  But, the adequacy of Medicaid supports varies considerably among the states.  And, long-term care insurance is not meeting people’s needs.

If you’re interested to know how your state ranks in providing long-term services and supports, AARP has developed a scorecard.  The scorecard looks at how states fare in five areas (1) cost and access, (2) care providers and settings, (3) quality of life and quality of care, (4) support for family caregivers, and (5) effective transitions.

Based on the scorecard, when it comes to long-term services and supports, Minnesota and Washington are the two best states to live in, and Alabama and Kentucky are the two worst states. South Dakota, New York and Montana rank 24, 25 and 26th respectively.

For simple tips on how to plan for long-term care, click here.


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