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Most Americans favor Medicare for all

Written by Diane Archer

Most Americans favor Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for all” proposal, according to a new Gallup poll. Indeed, nearly six in ten Americans support a single-payer health care system for all Americans. And, they support replacing the ACA with this federally funded system.

Poll results reveal that 58 percent of Americans would like to see a single-payer health care system replace the ACA as compared to 37 percent who oppose this; 5 percent did not have an opinion. Notably, 73 percent of Democrats and those who lean Democrat support this proposal and 41 percent of Republicans and those who lean Republican support it. About half of Americans are OK with the ACA as it is.

Hillary Clinton’s proposal to keep the ACA in place received lukewarm support, with 48 percent of Americans supporting it and 49 percent opposing it; 2 percent did not have an opinion. Of those Americans who support keeping the ACA in place, 72 percent also support replacing it with Medicare for all.

When asked to choose between keeping the ACA in place and replacing it with a Medicare-for-all system, the 35 percent of Americans surveyed who had supported both policies chose Medicare-for-all by a two-to-one ratio–64 percent to 32 percent.

Just over half of people surveyed, 51 percent, said that they supported Donald Trump’s proposal to repeal the ACA. Forty-five percent opposed ACA repeal and 3 percent had no opinion. That said, 27 percent of Americans who favor repealing the ACA would like to replace it with Medicare for all.

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