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Older adults are rising up for financial security: Are you ready for the Silver Revolution?

Written by Diane Archer

As their cost of living grows while their incomes remain flat, older adults in the US and abroad are protesting, reports the New York Times. Older adults are rising up for financial security. Many of them are becoming first-time offenders in their 80s, tarnishing their clean records.  Some are calling this new movement the “Silver Revolution.”

Older protesters can be quite effective.  Soon after a protest in August 2014, the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority rolled back the cost of paratransit.

Syracuse University professor Eric Kingson, a Social Security expert, and other aging advocates predict that threats to Medicare, Social Security and retirement security more generally will increasingly galvanize older Americans.  And, their ability to affect social change could well be significant.
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  • we need to start protest letterwriting and e mailing this congress file a lawsuit class action to stop congress from taking away our benifits that we have took all our life to accumunlate i worked 55 yrs am a vet and have disibility and have trouble walking i am mad at these jerks in congress treating us like second class citizens

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