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Support increases for Medicare for All the better it is understood

Written by Diane Archer

The latest Morning Consult + Politico national tracking poll shows that support increases for Medicare for All as it is better understood. Support rises once people understand that Medicare for All covers their care from the doctors they want to see.

Overall, more than half the public (53 percent) supports or strongly supports Medicare for All, whereas 36 percent oppose or strongly oppose it. Support falls to 46 percent if people are told Medicare for All reduces the role of private insurance. Yet, people may be confusing private insurance with care from private doctors and hospitals. Support increases to 55 percent when people are told that Medicare for All would allow them to continue to get care from their doctors and hospital while reducing the role of private insurance.

These poll results suggest that a large portion of the public still does not understand that Medicare for All gives them freedom to see the doctors they want to see anywhere in the US. They appear to mistakenly believe that if they lose their private insurance they lose access to their doctors. They also likely do not know or believe Medicare for all may generate savings of as much as $5 trillion over ten years and lower their health care costs.

The poll did not ask voters whether they would support Medicare for All if it eliminated premiums, deductibles and copays and added vision, hearing, dental and long-term care benefits. It’s reasonable to assume that were voters asked, support for Medicare for All would increase substantially.

Medicare for All is clearly not yet well understood by people with Medicare. Medicare for All would reduce their out-of-pocket health care costs and expand their benefits. Still, stunningly, only 40 percent of people over 65 support or strongly support Medicare for All, with 54 percent opposing or strongly opposing it. The percentage of supporters and strong supporters increases to 50 percent once people learn they would be able to continue to get care from their doctors and hospital.

Support for Medicare for All varies by party lines. More than three in four Democrats (78 percent), 56 percent of Independents, and 26 percent of Republicans support Medicare for All once they know it would allow them to continue to get care from their doctors and hospital.

The public option proposal–Medicare for some— enjoys 68 percent support or strong support, greater support than Medicare for All. It sounds good. But, most people likely do not understand that the public option cannot and does not guarantee them affordable health care coverage or provide them additional benefits. It does not lower provider rates for people with private insurance. It does not reduce administrative costs. And, it keeps premiums, deductibles and coinsurance high.

If you support Medicare for all, please let Congress know. Sign this petition.

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