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Trump doesn’t understand Social Security

Written by Nancy Altman

Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, has released a new ad revealing that either he doesn’t understand Social Security or he wants to galvanize opposition to Social Security. His rhetoric undermines our collective security.

In his ad, Trump wrongly attacks immigrants and refugees. Contrary to Trump’s claims, unauthorized workers do not receive Social Security. In fact, while they contribute to Social Security through their jobs, they cannot receive Social Security. Undocumented immigrants are not even eligible for means-tested welfare programs, like Supplemental Security Income.  There is no ambiguity or debate: They are not eligible for Social Security’s earned benefits.

Unauthorized workers have billions of dollars in Social Security contributions deducted from their pay checks each year. Social Security’s chief actuary estimates that in the last ten years they have paid more than $100 billion into Social Security. But, under the law, they are not eligible for benefits.

Donald Trump appears to be trying to undermine people’s confidence in Social Security. Yet, Social Security is a foundation of economic security for all of us.  It pays vital benefits to tens of millions of retirees, people with disabilities and many others, including nearly one in ten American children. Indeed, Social Security is one government program that old and young, Republicans and Democrats, all overwhelmingly support.

President Eisenhower, recognizing Social Security’s enormous support, spoke of the “tiny splinter group” who oppose it. He added, “Their number is negligible, and they are stupid.” Let’s ensure that Donald Trump understands Social Security’s value and the benefits it offers to all Americans. And let’s not allow him and others who oppose our Social Security system to hoodwink the rest of us into believing things about it that just aren’t so.

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  • The post is 100% correct.

    Mr Trump, the Trump supporters/surrogates, and the tea party faction of the Republican Party do Not understand Social Security, Do Not want Social Security to exist, and want Social Security to be abolished, and in essence kick anyone who gets Social Security to “the curb with the garbage,” or “throw us under the bus”.

    That is why Mr Trump must Not be elected as president at the election, and Any Republican who supports Mr Trump or the tea party Must Not be elected.

    I, even though I have voted Republican in Many elections since 1976, will Not vote for Mr Trump in the election. I also Will Not vote for Any Republican that is on the ballot in the election

    The Republican party has morphed into a party that I no longer recognize, and Will Not support. I will Never vote for a Republican Ever Again, either for a local, state, or Federal office position that is on the ballot

  • To add to my last comment. I have made the decision to vote a straight democratic ticket as a matter of my conscience, values, and as a matter of protest against Mr Trump, The Trump supporters/surrogates, the leadership of the Republican party, and the tea party faction of the republican party

  • Yes, the post is 100% correct. Unfortunately, Republicans and Tea Party folks have no use for facts and continue to believe what they want to believe regardless of the facts. Trump reinforces their ignorance, so they believe him. Sad.

    • It is that ignorance, which I always encounter with the Trump supporters/surrogates whenever I make a comment on line at aol, and especially the hill, that has caused me to stop voting for any republican. May Mr Trump, and each Republican that is running for election, be defeated in the election by wide margins

  • Mr. Trump, and the Republican party in general, do NOT want anything that might be good for the working poor. They figure if you weren’t born into money, or don’t have the ability to -s-t-e-a-l-, er, work your way up the ladder, you don’t deserve anything. That is why they are working so hard now to raise the full benefits age, make Medicare a means tested item, and privatize everything the government currently handles.

  • How can someone so smart, so wise, so knowing, someone with a huge brain (and small hands), someone who can make a building by just wishing it into existence not understand how Social Security works? I find that almost impossible to believe. Surely you jest!

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