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Two out of three Americans very concerned about high drug prices

Written by Diane Archer

A solid majority of Americans are very concerned about high drug prices, and they see health care costs as the number one public policy issue. Moreover, a new survey of Americans  by West Health NORC at the University of Chicago, finds that only a small minority of the public approve of the way President Trump and Congress is addressing the high cost of prescription drugs.

The survey finds that two out of three Americans are “very concerned” about high drug prices. And more than three in four Americans believe that prescription drug prices in the US are unreasonable. (Only 10 percent believe drug prices are reasonable.)  Nearly nine in ten Americans want Congressional candidates to address the high price of prescription drugs.

Eight in ten Americans support Medicare drug price negotiation. Trump argued for Medicare drug price negotiation when he campaigned for President. But, he has not supported Medicare drug price negotiation since he has been in office. Not surprisingly, fewer than one in four Americans believe that Trump is addressing the cost of prescription drugs well.

Just 23 percent of Americans approve of the way President Trump is addressing high drug prices. (Nearly half of Americans disapprove.) And, fewer still, 20 percent, approve of the way Congressional Democrats are addressing high drug prices.  And, even fewer still, 16 percent, approve of the way Congressional Republicans are addressing high drug prices.

Most Americans support drug importation from Canada. Likely many do not realize that millions of Americans already import drugs from abroad for personal use. Though it is not legal to do so, no one has ever been prosecuted for so doing,

Today, about six in ten Americans take prescription drugs on a regular basis. One in three of them have not been able to comply with their medication regimen. They have not filled a prescription or have taken smaller doses of their prescription.

If you want Congress to rein in drug prices, please sign this petition.

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