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Public believes Trump’s drug plan will not lower drug prices

Written by Diane Archer

The public wants the federal government to address prescription drug prices. President Trump has said that it is one of his “greatest priorities” and has released a plan to do so. But, Trump’s plan will more likely lead to higher drug prices since it does nothing to keep pharmaceutical companies from charging high prices. And, the public is not fooled. A new Politico-Harvard poll shows that most Americans believe Trump’s plan will not lower drug prices.

The majority of Americans (58 percent) do not think Trump’s plan will work. Only about one in five Americans (22 percent) think Trump’s plan will bring down their drug costs.

More than half (57%) of adults believe the President’s prescription drug plan will not make a difference. About one in eight (13%) believe they or their family will pay more.

All in, the majority of Americans believe that three of the four key elements of Trump’s plan will not bring down drug costs.

  1. About two out of three Americans (66 percent) like the idea of having the FDA approve more generics to buoy competition. This is the one element that a majority of people (56 percent), Democrats and Republicans, believe  could bring down drug prices.
  2. The piece of Trump’s drug plan with the greatest public support (81 percent) is for permitting pharmacists to tell people whether the retail price of their drugs is lower than their copay. That said, only 42 percent of people believe it will lower drug prices.
  3. Almost two out of three Americans (63 percent) like Trump’s idea of requiring drug companies to list drug prices in their TV ads. But, again, only a small minority (28 percent) believe it will lower drug prices.
  4. Only one in four Americans (26 percent) agree with Trump that other countries should be paying more for their drugs. And, fewer than one in five Americans (19 percent) believe it will bring down drug prices.

Moreover, the majority of Americans (54 percent) do not believe that President Trump’s plan will lead to the development of more breakthrough drugs. Only one in three people (33 percent) believe it will work to deliver more breakthrough drugs.

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  • The pharmaceutical companies aren’t interested in curing anything so whatever research they do will most likely be in the interests of how much money they can make and how many people they can sell to before the class action lawsuits roll in. And as long as Trump is in office, we might as well have a ticking clock on class action lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies because they are one of the top contributors to political campaigns. To be fair, I don’t trust most politicians on this issue for that very reason, but Trump especially. His priorities are himself, Fox News, corporations, billionaires, republican party, the American flag, his family, and last, the American people. In that order.

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