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A Fitbit of sorts for your stomach

Written by Diane Archer

StatNews reports on a new implantable sensor in development at MIT labs that allows people to relay information on what their bodies are doing. The developers describe it as “a Fitbit of sorts for your stomach,” which captures how your body responds when you are talking, eating and sleeping, as well as while you are feeling any particular emotion. It also can spot diseases in your gastrointestinal tract without the need for an endoscopy or colonoscopy.

This health technology device is flexible and can be rolled and place in a dissolvable capsule. To implant the sensor, you simply ingest the capsule.  The capsule travels from your mouth down your GI tract and ends in your stomach. The capsule then dissolves, the sensor is released, opens and sits on your stomach lining. It is a tattoo-like device, which interacts with your biological system and is powered by our bodies through “piezoelectricity.” There is no need for battery replacement.

The sensor can measure heart rate and breathing rate, among other things. It can hear your heart’s sound waves and your lungs inhaling and exhaling. The theory is that different parts of our bodies are constantly conveying information in a coded form. This device is intended to help decode and translate this information.

The developers are projecting that this health technology will be available for patients in 10-15 years. Watch this video to see exactly how it works:

WATCH: Our bodies talk to us — and these implantable devices can help listen

Here’s more from Just Care:


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