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Written by Diane Archer

A recent Altarum Institute study underscores the difficulties of finding health information you can trust. It focuses on how to improve access to health information for lower income people. As we at Just Care see it, most of the findings apply to everyone regardless of income. The findings also highlight the need for an online hub that unlocks trusted and helpful health and retirement information and makes it simple and easy to access–Just Care’s goal.

Like most of us, lower income people turn to family and friends they know and trust, particularly people with health care expertise, for answers to health questions. These people tend to be people’s first stop when choosing a doctor, deciding when to get treatment or how to treat a condition. And, frankly, that makes sense.

Institutional sources of information can also be helpful. And, the study suggests that people with higher incomes turn to them more. But, which should you trust? So much information is misleading.  Just Care relies on information from independent experts, non-profit organizations and government sources you can trust. It is designed to be a jumping off point to help people choose a doctor, or to decide when treatment is appropriate. But, when it comes to checking out a few options, who better than the people you know and trust to provide this type of guidance?

According to the study, people with lower incomes tend not to plan ahead. Again, it’s fair to say that most of us don’t plan ahead as much as we need to and as important as it is to do so. The process can be daunting, time-consuming and complex. That’s why Just Care aims to make it easy and offers advice on planning ahead for a hospital visit, for end-of-life decisions or times when you are seriously ill and are unable to speak for yourself, and explains why you need a health care proxy.

Just Care aims to offer simple advice, whether it’s on planning ahead for emergency room visits, for a weather emergency, enrolling in Medicare and supplemental insurance, for long-term care services and supports, or how to get one’s affairs in order in case of emergency.

It can be hard to make planning ahead for health-related needs a priority. Most of us have many other things we need to do or would prefer to do. To save money, time and stress, we need to squeeze in a little time for it.

Just Care is here to help. Our goals is to make your  work as easy as possible. Check out our Advice A to Z page when you have a few minutes to spare. And, let us know what you think and what advice you’d like to see on our site. You can email us at


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