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Are you ready to start thinking about long-term care? Perhaps you should be.

It’s time to start thinking about long-term services options.

According to a new Health Affairs report, most Americans underestimate their future need for long-term care services and supports and know precious little about their options.  Of note, those with minor children were the least likely to think they would need services and supports as they aged. Six out of ten people surveyed thought that they would not have this need, while the data suggests that seven out of ten in fact do need long-term services and supports.

The researchers looked at expectations of adults age 40 to 65 in different living arrangements.  Those living alone were most likely to appreciate their future need for these services. Even still, long-term services and supports are unaffordable for many middle-income families. 

Who provides long-term services and supports? Often family caregivers. Medicaid is also a major provider of these services. Click here to learn more from Just Care on different long-term services and support resources.

For simple tips from Just Care on how to plan for long-term care, click here.


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