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Mounting support for Medicare for All

Written by Diane Archer

As health care costs continue to grow, so does support for Medicare for All. More Americans see health care as a basic need and a fundamental right. They want the government to step in and oversee our health care.

The Hill reports on the latest Reuters-Ipsos poll, which shows that seven in ten Americans now support Medicare for All, an improved and expanded Medicare program for everyone in the US.  More than eight in ten (84 percent) Democrats and more than half of Republicans (52 percent) want the government to step in and improve and expand Medicare.

These new poll results, based on the responses of 2,989 Americans, are a big step forward for Medicare for All in just a few months. A previous poll showed that more than six in ten Americans support Medicare for All. It also showed that 43 percent of Republicans support Medicare for All.

Government-administered health care could easily save ordinary Americans a few thousand dollars a year on health care costs. With Medicare for All, our federal taxes would pay for health care, and we would no longer pay insurance premiums, deductibles or copays. Medicare for All would cover vision, dental, and hearing care, in addition to other medically reasonable and necessary benefits.

Today, our taxes support basic needs like the police, the fire department and public education.  They should also guarantee our health care.

If you support Medicare for All, please sign this petition to Congress.

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  • Diane,
    “Today, our taxes support basic needs like the police, the fire department, public education and the post office. ”

    I pretty sure that not one cent of tax dollars go to the post office.

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