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New FDA rules let companies decide what food is safe

Written by Diane Archer

The FDA just issued a new rule on foods “generally recognized as safe” or GRAS. And, according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, the rule does not deliver on protecting people from unsafe chemicals.  It permits companies to decide which chemicals are safe in foods without being accountable for their decisions.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest argues that decisions about what chemicals are safe in foods “should be transparent and unbiased.”  But, the new rule allows companies to market foods they deem safe without even letting the FDA know; the companies do not even need to list the chemical additives in processed foods as ingredients. The FDA also allows companies to hire their own scientists who are beholden to the companies to determine which foods are safe.

So, the question remains, how safe is the processed food you eat? Read more from Just Care on food safety here.

Here’s more from Just Care:



  • …just one more instance of profits over the well being of people. I do my best to try and avoid a lot of packaged pre-processed foods because of the junk ingredients usually used.

    Wait until TPP is ratified as protective regulations for food safety will end up in the gunsights of corporations looking to file suit against the government with the threat of billions in damages for “lost profits” if such legislation isn’t rolled back or repealed.

  • So, why should we have FDA? Either FDA must do it’s job of guarding the safety of food and drugs or be closed down! We can find a better way to get that job done and get rid of the expense of this political department!

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