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“Activated” people less likely to develop chronic disease

Written by Diane Archer

A new Commonwealth Fund study reveals that people who are better able to take care of themselves and navigate the health care system, “activated” people, are less likely to develop chronic disease. These study findings complement other recent study findings showing that having a purpose promotes better health and that having friends and not being socially isolated also fosters better health and longer life risk.

The Commonwealth Fund study found that people without good self-management skills were more at risk for chronic conditions, including depression and high blood pressure, after three years than people with good skills. They are also more likely to be hospitalized and to use emergency departments.

There are ways to help people gain confidence and take charge of their health so that they can age in place, have better health outcomes and need less health care. Just Care is piloting a new telebuddy program that will empower older adults and their designated caregivers through sharing simple health care advice during regular phone conversations. If you are interested in learning more about this program or participating in it, please email [email protected]

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