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Poll shows vast majority of Iowa democrats support Medicare for All and government drug price negotiation

Written by Diane Archer

Luke Kastel reports on a Data for Progress poll of Iowa democrats. The poll reveals that the vast majority of Iowa democrats who will attend the Iowa caucus support Medicare for all and government drug price negotiation.

When asked, “Would you support or oppose improving and expanding Medicare so that it becomes the primary insurer for all Americans?” the poll found that more than three in four democrats in Iowa attending the caucus (78 percent) favored Medicare for all. Of those, 44 percent strongly support Medicare for all and 34 percent somewhat support it.

Just seven percent of democratic caucus-goers in Iowa strongly oppose Medicare for all; another eight percent somewhat oppose it. Eight percent do not have an opinion. Age, gender and educational background do not appear to affect support for Medicare for all.
Support for Medicare for all among Iowa democrats closely reflects national support for Medicare for all. In a recent poll, Data for Progress found that more than eight in ten democrats in the US supported Medicare for all (81 percent) and not even one in ten (7 percent) opposed it.
Similarly, more than eight in ten (85 percent) Iowa democrats attending the caucus support federal drug price negotiation for all prescription drugs. Of those, 69 percent strongly support having the government negotiate drug prices and 16 percent somewhat support it. Again, support for the policy cuts across gender, age and education.
Fewer than one in ten caucus-goers do not favor government drug-price negotiation, with just six percent strongly opposing it and two percent somewhat opposing it. Seven percent of people polled said they did not have an opinion.

And, with insulin prices soaring, it’s no surprise that Iowa democrats overwhelmingly support government production of insulin so that people can buy it at an affordable price. It’s telling that 86 percent support this policy and only seven percent do not favor it.

If you support Medicare for all, please let Congress know. Please sign this petition.


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