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Two ways to make sure Medicare covers ambulance services

Written by Diane Archer

Medicare covers ambulance services when they are medically necessary. Here’s how to ensure Medicare will pay:

1. Be prepared. Identify an ambulance company to use. Confirm with your local ambulance service that it is Medicare-certified. If you are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, find out which ambulance is in the health plan’s network.
2. Only use an ambulance if you have an immediate health risk or are bed-bound and require constant monitoring.  And, make sure that the ambulance will take you to the hospital you want to use if there is more than one hospital in your area.  Under the law, the ambulance generally must take you to the nearest hospital.

If you want Medicare to pay for ambulance services, do not use an ambulette. Medicare will not cover it. For more information, visit Medicare Interactive.


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